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Magnum Excavation is a residential excavation company operating in Clackamas, Marion and Polk County.

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Underground utilities

Why Hire US

Magnum Excavation offers a range of services related to land development and construction projects. Site preparation, stormwater drainage, septic system installation, demolition, land clearing, and grading are just a few of the essential services offered by Magnum Excavation. Hiring an experienced excavation company like Magnum Excavation can ensure that your construction project is completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

One of the main benefits of hiring Magnum Excavation is that they own all the necessary equipment for any excavation job. Excavation equipment can be costly to rent or purchase, and it can be challenging to operate without proper training. Magnum Excavation has all the necessary tools and machinery to complete the job, and they are experienced in handling this equipment safely and efficiently.