Septic systems

When choosing a Septic Installer it is important to choose the right company. Magnum Excavation is a DEQ listed installer in Oregon and we install a wide variety of systems from standard feild drains to ATT ( Alternative Treatment Systems). Before we install any system we help choose the best area for the drain field then we expose the soil for inspection so we can help choose the right system for you.

Underground Utilities

We can install all under ground utilities including sewer,water, and rain drains. we also install conduits for power,gas and internet. Allowing you house to have all the modern amenities.

Storm water drainage

Surface water in your yard can be unsightly and even cause unwanted settling wich can cause damage to your yard or even your foundation. If you have and surface water in your yard due to lack of adequate slope or water entering from a hill side. We can install a french drain to remove that water and drain away from your house. leaving you a dry stable yard.

Land Clearing

If you have any unwanted Trees, stumps or brush we have the nessary equipment to remove and despose of it. Our team can clear you land so you can get all the proper usage you want from you land.

Site Preparation

Site preparation involves digging out a level surface for the footprint of the foundation. Then we cover the area in gravel and add a slope to the low point so any water that may accumulate can drain out of the foundation area. We also dig out the driveway and any sidewalks at this time

Rock Retaining Walls

Rock retaining walls are used to level hillsides or transition between two yards. they also provide a beautiful decorative feature in your yard. We use a wide variation of boulders to accommodate the size of wall you your project.


When grading a yard we add slope around the house so surface water drains away from the area. some yards may have uneven areas and require grading for a smooth even surface ready for landscaping.


The most efficient way to demolish buildings is to use an excavator. We can quickly remove structures and load all the materials in a dump truck or dumpster for removal easy removal. Allowing you to get your project started sooner.